Wu Wei Wisdom Podcast

Wu Wei Wisdom Podcast


Welcome to the Wu Wei Wisdom channel dedicated to inspirational podcasts about our unique approach to healthy living, emotional wellbeing, positive mental health, practical spirituality, meditation, healing and personal empowerment.

Wu Wei Wisdom was co-founded by ordained Taoist master and multi-disciplinary therapist, David James Lees, and life-coach and designer, Alexandra Lees.

Our message is all about Wu Wei (pronounced ‘woo–way’). This Taoist principle of creating balance and harmony is little understood in the West and we believe it’s the secret to lasting health and happiness in modern life.

With over four decades of success, our no-nonsense and practical approach has supported thousands of individuals to overcome issues such as stress, depression and anxiety, re-balance their physical, emotional and spiritual health, and find a deeper sense of purpose, authenticity and fulfilment.