Understanding Highly Sensitive People: Nurture or Nature?

Understanding Highly Sensitive People: Nurture or Nature?

For the record, I am sensitive. Like, super sensitive.

Here’s what is fascinating though; this level of sensitivity has gotten much more refined the more work I do on my own nervous system and the more skilled I become at sensing my internal self and external surroundings. The other bonus with this level of sensitivity is you become really good at knowing what to do in life - important career and relationship decisions, what to cook for dinner, what road to take to avoid traffic or maybe avoid an accident, when a friend might need you to call them, and yes even finding creepy crawlies that should not be nesting in your home…and so on.

Our spidey, psychic, empath - call them what you like - senses ARE REAL and they can become a massive help when we are REGULATED in our autonomic nervous system.

But, take this level of sensitivity and empathic ability, and blend it up with a nervous system that is living in a lot of survival stress, and you create a cocktail for a lot of pain and misery.

For instance,

  • A positive spidey sense can become a debilitating hyper-sensitivity.
  • Having an acute eye on the environment can become fear-based hypervigilance.
  • Being neat and clean can become OCD and an unbearable way to live.

In this new video I dig into the concept of the highly sensitive person and/or empath.

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