Learn Boundaries, Communication & Assertiveness Skills

Learn Boundaries, Communication & Assertiveness Skills


Stop getting abused and learn healthy boundaries. Learn how to be assertive and master communication skills.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about the definition of boundaries and how they develop.
  • Learn about internalized shame from the parents and culture.
  • Learn what unhealthy boundaries are and how to defend against abuse.
  • Learn to identify feelings.
  • Learn the three forms of communication.
  • Learn appropriate paraphrasing and validating skills.


  • No course requirements


When society is dysfunctional and parents are shame bound they display unhealthy boundaries and project their shame onto their children. This creates unhealthy boundaries in the children and makes it exceedingly difficult to set healthy boundaries and stop abuse.

The first section of this course teaches what healthy and unhealthy boundaries are, how they develop, how shame warps them and impairs an individual’s ability to defend against abusive behavior of self and others.

We are able to become intimate and resolve problems to the degree that we are able to communicate effectively. Most of the problems associated with society can be traced to faulty communication and conflict resolution. This video addresses the art of communication.

The second section teaches effective communication and assertiveness principles and identifies aggressive and passive-aggressive patterns. It will help you identify emotions and teach paraphrasing and validating.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals and Students in the Psychology field
  • General Audience
  • Self-help seekers

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