Kitchen Dish Soap and Cleaning Solid Bar

Kitchen Dish Soap and Cleaning Solid Bar
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Kitchen Dish Soap and Cleaning Solid Bar, Handmade Organic, Mild and Natural Big Stick Bar Cuts Grease and Grime

  • IF YOU DO NOT LIKE A STRONG SCENTED SOAP PLEASE CHOOSE UNSCENTED.Reputable company who has been hand making soaps for the last 25 years. Our soaps have been purchased for humans, fur-babies, horses, goats and even a cow! FREE SHIP in ONE DAY!

  • Try and find a commercial dish soap with 3 natural ingredients, you won’t find any. Your soap only has 3 all natural-organic ingredients-Saponified coconut oil, filtered water and essential oils (if not unscented). Can’t get much similar than that.

  • Gentle Multi-Purpose Soap. We are so proud to offer a dish soap without all the harsh chemicals that can be used in so many different ways. Besides cleaning your dishes sparkly clean, it can clean more than dishes. Use it to clean floors, walls, counters, high-chairs, baby toys and the list is endless.

  • Multiple applications of use: Swish in water, run the bar under the water, swirl in a mop bucket, lather up a sponge or wash cloth. Slice off a small piece and let sit in water for stronger strength. Great on laundry stains too! Just wet area, slather up some dish soap on stain and let sit 1-24 hours depending on stain. Wash as normal.

  • Be Kind to the Planet and Oceans! No bulky plastic clogging up our Mother Earth. Do your due part and save the landfill with un-necessary bottles. Also, saves the bulk when recycling; less to take to the recyclable centers. The big stick lasts a very long time especially if allowed to dry between use. Saves on storage in your cabinets, can be stored in a drawer versus valuable real estate under the sink.