CBT Therapeutic Family Game

CBT Therapeutic Family Game
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Fun Social Skills and Therapy Game: CBT Therapeutic Family Game for Meaningful Conversations and Open Communication Between Adults and Teenagers Leading to Better Relationships. Great Counseling Tool

  • :large_blue_diamond: 3 GAMES IN 1 WITH 150 CARDS: Family conversation starter game. Create a culture of trust and understanding with questions addressed to teens and adults. Share funny stories, secrets, views and dreams in a fun and playful atmosphere. Create a culture of trust and understanding within the family and get to know each other!

  • :large_blue_diamond: VERSATILE GAME: Great for family dinners, road trips, holiday gatherings, cottage weekends, family vacations! Great tool for schools and therapists. Used by many teachers, school counsellors, therapists and small group settings. Game has been known to improve many relationships and build self-esteem. Valuable addition to counselor supplies.

  • :large_blue_diamond: CHILL DECK: Keep things casual with topics for everyone ranging from music tastes to fashion trends

  • :large_blue_diamond: CHAT DECK: Spark honest conversations about current affairs, social media, and past experiences

  • :large_blue_diamond: CHALLENGE DECK: Tackle harder themes from ethics to personal issues in a judgement free space

Ages: 13 years and up