30 Hacks For Creativity You Will Love

30 Hacks For Creativity You Will Love

Creative life hacks for your house Do you need some inspiration? Then you must watch this video! Unique and easy crafting hacks and DIY ideas for the whole family that you can make in no time at all!

Do you still keep your keys under a doormat? Don’t do this anymore - save your keys and your apartment! Create fake poo! Trust me - no one will ever think that there can be a key hidden under it :slight_smile: You will need some parchment paper and a glue gun. Pour some hot glue on the parchment paper in a shape of a poo. Paint it using brown nail polish. Now take an empty jar and glue the fake poo on its lid. Put your key inside the jar, cover it with a lid, and dig a jar in a ground next to your door so you can only see a poo. Well done!

Did you break your favorite mug or plate? Don’t worry and use our life hack instead. Take the pieces of a broken item and some colored glue (you may add some glitter to it). Glue the pieces together. Great job! Now it looks awesome and stylish!

Are you tired of boring plain mugs? Decorate them easily! Mix some transparent liquid soap, acrylic paint of your choice and a few drops of glycerine in a glass. Mix the ingredients well using a drinking straw. Blow through the straw to make soap bubbles inside the glass. Now carefully decorate the mug with the colorful soap bubbles. Let it dry. Wow! The cups look wonderful with this unique handmade decoration :slight_smile:

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