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Ok, So I'm an HSP - Now What?

Having Doubts? Not sure you WANT this “HSP thing” to be true…? Discovering, understanding and coming to terms with this idea that you’re a Highly Sensitive Person doesn’t always happen overnight. … Read more at hubpag…

2 September 24, 2019
This Is The Difference Between A Highly Sensitive Brain And A "Typical" Brain

Do you notice every little emotion of the people around you and feel them deeply yourself? Do you get highly stressed when your to-do list is long or when you spend a lot of … Read more at Highly Sensitive Refuge

4 October 11, 2019
The Beautiful Truths About Being a Highly Sensitive Human

“Am I too much for the world, or is the world too much for me?” Being intense and sensitive—seeing the world through different eyes and feeling the world on a distinctive wavelength—does not lay an easy path. Read mor…

2 September 19, 2019
These 3 Sets Of Genes Make You A Highly Sensitive Person

Do you ever find yourself annoyed by tiny sounds or distractions that others don’t seem to notice? Do you quickly pick up on what someone is feeling, or what their intentions are even if they … Read more at Highly Se…

2 September 5, 2019
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