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Sensitive - The Untold Story (movie explaining the HSP Trait)

A groundbreaking documentary about the temperament trait of high sensitivity found in 20% of the population in both men and women. Based on the findings of bestselling author-psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron (“The Highly Sen…

2 September 5, 2019
Curious Worlds: Art & Imagination of David Beck 1 January 9, 2020
E-Motion (a Gaia Movie) 1 December 10, 2019
Sensitive -The Untold Story (Movie Trailer) 1 July 31, 2018
Netflix: How To Live Mortgage Free 1 August 25, 2019
(DVD) - Elaine N. Aron: The Sensitive Advantage. A Seminar on Creating a Richer Life for Highly Sensitive Adults and Childen 1 August 10, 2019
(DVD) Elaine Aron: A Seminar on Learning How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person. A Guide to Understanding your Sensitivity and Creating a Fuller, Richer Life 1 August 10, 2019
Netflix: Brene Brown - The Call to Courage 1 April 25, 2019
Movie Recommendations for the Highly Sensitive Child 1 August 7, 2018
Netflix: The Creative Brain 1 April 25, 2019