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Meetups This area is for those who are interested in <strong>Highly Sensitive Person Meetups.</strong> TEDx Talks Here is where our growing collection of TEDx Talks that are either directly or indirectly helpful for those who are Highly Sensitive. Feel free to comment or ask questions on your favourite TEDx Talk! Movies Here we post movies that are HSP-friendly and/or HSP-related, that we find interesting, enlightening and uplifting. Self Tests You may notice that your HSP Trait may change over time. Feel free to take the HSP Self Tests at any time to see if your trait is changing for you. Podcasts If you’re looking for other HSP Podcasts you can also visit the News Feed and type “podcast” in the search function. YouTube Here we post YouTube videos we find interesting, touching, helpful or intriguing as we continue our journey of learning how our HSP Trait works for us. Books Here we post books that we’ve found interesting, touching, helpful or intriguing as we continue our journey of learning how our HSP Trait works for us.
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Wholistic Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): A Mini-Encyclopedia of Ways to Develop and Deepen Wonder-full Relationships [Books] (1)
Dr. Tracy Cooper Interview on Sensory Processing Sensitivity [Podcasts] (1)
Ep 184: Stop Your ‘start, Stop’ Sabotaging Pattern with Luca [Podcasts] (1)
Why Saying No & Letting Go are confusing for HSP's (+ how to create clarity) [YouTube] (1)
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Cip097: Mark Mcguinness on Building a Successful Creative Career [Podcasts] (1)
Skills for the Highly Sensitive Person, Hosted by Patricia Raskin [Podcasts] (1)
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Highly Sensitive Women Leading Business with their Strengths - Albany, New York, USA [Meetups] (1)
Mothers and fathers of gifted / highly sensitive children Switzerland - Zurich, Switzerland [Meetups] (1)
Westlake Village Highly Sensitive People Meetup - Westlake Village, California, USA, [Meetups] (1)
Highly Sensitive People, Phoenix - Phoenix, Arizona, USA [Meetups] (1)
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Parker MeetUp for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People - Parker, Colorado, USA [Meetups] (1)
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Empaths, Intuitives And HSP Share And Support - Charlotte,, North Carolina, USA [Meetups] (1)
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Highly Sensitive in Cairo - Cairo, Egypt [Meetups] (1)
Healers & Feelers: Empaths, H.S.P, The 4 Clair’s Meetup - Atlanta,, Georgia, USA [Meetups] (1)
Positively Sensitive Network - Swallowfield, United Kingdom [Meetups] (1)
Gathering for Sensitive, Empathic People - Maplewood, New Jersey, USA [Meetups] (1)
YAJTSs (You Are Just Too Sensitive-s) Toronto Chapter - Toronto, Ontario, Canada [Meetups] (1)